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i haven't had a chance to play through everyone's route since i just downloaded it recently but this game is very cute!!! all the art is adorable and i love the little events and such. the narration is really cute and positive and this game is so diverse and has awesome representation! kudos to you for making such a great game. 


Thanks so much!! We're really glad you enjoy it and we hope you'll enjoy all the routes too!!! <3333

<333 :)


I had the honor of getting to beta test this super cute, super sweet game right before it went live, and it was a fantastic experience! The characters all have wonderfully engaging, heartfelt personalities, which makes it easy to get invested in their story arcs — and given that those story arcs are all equally heartfelt in a way that makes you really feel for them every step of the way, Mermaid Splash is a great story to get invested in. Definitely pick this up if it at all seems appealing to you, it's a heartwarmingly charming way to spend your time.

(Plus, the art is amazing, especially the world designs and the interface. And the character sprites. And all of it, really. But you don’t need me to tell you that when you can see it right there!)

Good job, DCS and Nami! I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you two can do if (when?) you put your heads together as Sofdelux Studio in the future.


Thank you so so much for this comment and again for helping beta-- we both really appreciate it! This comment is such a shining star-- it makes me so happy!

Nami and I are most definitely going to be making games together in the future as well and I've a feeling you'll be enjoying our next game too. ;)


These graphics are just too freaking adorable!!

Thank you!

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