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this game is fantastic

bad end 2 brought me to tears


Thank you! The bad ends were a ton of fun to work on-- emotional scenes like that are tough but fun! <3

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Wahhh, this game hits all of my weak points! I love stories about strangers being forced to live and work together due to dire circumstances, enemies becoming partners, and like, the entire concept of “scary, but really hot,” and this does all of them so well!

I will admit freely that even before I started the game I was super excited to meet Issa just based on her fantastic design and the fact she was clearly very dangerous, ahahah. But then within the first few text boxes I ended up hooked on the entire game world (the great art and music helped too, of course)! That intro was both very efficient and very natural world-building… I was really impressed!

I was even more impressed with how well the dark atmosphere of the setting was balanced out with funny and heart-warming moments. I never felt like the game became too sad to read or too light-hearted for me to take it seriously: Mell and Issa’s interactions always felt both genuine and delightful to read.


One thing I especially appreciated was that Mell and Issa had genuine reasons to dislike each other, misunderstand each other, and step on each other’s toes – so often I see characters in VNs who are jerks without good explanation so that the player can redeem them through the Power Of Love. The fact that Mell and Issa both had good reasons to distrust each other made it all the more wonderful when they managed to get past that <3

Oh, and I loved the explanation of Issa’s stuffed bears that was in the second bad ending! I’m always so happy when there are little story details in bad ends. It feels like an extra treat for completionists like me!

Thanks for making such a lovely game c:

This comment is so wonderful; thank you for making it!

It really made both of us so happy to read it and we're both so glad you enjoyed the game so thoroughly! (And glad you liked Issa so much, heh!)

Have an awesome day-- we both really hope you'll be looking forward to our next game too! <3

Wow! I really like the plot!
got so interesting characters and funny choices ♪
I'm happy that I got the chance to play this wonderful game ⊙▽⊙

 We're happy you liked it, and thanks for the comment!

This is such a lovely little vn!!

The art and design is top notch (and I kept pausing just to admire it throughout my playthrough, haha!) and I was really intrigued by the world design. (It definitelly brought to mind the levees in New Orleans)

I started out pretty scared of Issa (AAAHH PLEASE DONT KILL ME), but her character arc brought me around on her, and loved to see the progression of the relationship between Mell and Issa. I also really appreciated that Mell was unequivocally ace while also not being a major plot point. 

Thank you so much for this lovely game!!

Thank you! We are both so excited and honored to hear you liked the game! (We are both big fans of Dr.Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend, hehe!)

Glad to hear Issa grew on you (Don't worry-- we get how she is spooky, heh!) and that everything with Mell was satisfying as well. I know Nami had a lot of fun writing and developing these two, and I had a lot of fun coming up with the ways they emote.

Thanks so much again for taking the time to play and comment on our game-- we really appreciate it! <3

I loved it. 

But i stil don't know if the character are female or both males?

But i stil like de design of de game and de music.

Thank you for giving me a nice day.

Hi hi! So glad to hear you liked it~

Both of the characters in this game identify as female! <3

Thanks for the reply guy's. :D

Really nice game! I have had a lot of fun with it so far and I can't wait to see what ending I will get :D ( hopefully a cool one :P ). Good job with the game!

P.S. Really cool soundtrack!

Thanks a ton-- we're both glad to hear you like it!

And just so you know, Mell and Issa are definitely not just gals who are pals... ;)

Good thing I fount that out in the game before I saw the message. I don't like spoilers :D

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The game was made for YuriJam after all! Not much of a spoiler, sorry to say!

really good story and good graphics if you can pls make more games like this :D

We're both glad to hear you liked it!

We actually have another completely free and finished game called Mermaid Splash you might like, and both Nami and DCS (That's the both of us who made this game!) have lots of games available on our accounts! All free!

I'd recommend One-Eyed Lee: A prologue, Tomai, Her Tears Were My Light, and KAIMA if you liked this game! <3 Hope you find something you like!

Hi I just finished this and really enjoyed it!!!!!

Thanks! We are so glad to hear that!


Heck yeah! Super nice little visual novel!
It's nice to see the relationship between Issa and Mell grow by the choices you make.
Very much liked it and recommends everyone who likes visual novels to try this one out!

My full playthrough here:

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Hey hey! We are both so glad to hear you liked the game!

We are a bit...saddened to see your video title though. We were checking around your other videos and none of the other titles follow this trend of shock at something that is completely normal, and honestly-- to see this title really bummed us out!

It's also very confusing considering how much you seemed to like the game?

We aren't comfortable having a video with a title like this in our comment section-- so if the title remains the same we will remove it, but if you change it we would gladly help promote your LP by keeping it here!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Hello there Sofdelux Studios!

I really did like the game. I will most likely spend a whole lot of time in it to find myself the other endings or at least try to... Haha! 

The title wasn't there for any bad reasons and I'm talking about that in the video.  I'm pro homosexuality in any way possible. I was just talking in the video about the fact that visual novels always has to include some sexual elements. But I guess that is a cultural thing when it comes to visual novels since it almost always is a part of them. I have nothing against it. I would just still love the game even if it didn't have it :)

The title has been changed now cause I respect both homosexuality and also your product. Love the game. Love homosexuals! And I love getting together! And that's what I want the channel to be all about. Not spread any agendas or hate in any way. <3

I'm just a small YouTuber who does some clickbait every now and then. Haha :)

Thank you again for the amazing adventure and I can't wait to dive back into it again! Stay rad! :)


Thanks so much! We appreciate your understanding and definitely appreciate your support. (And we both hope you'll like the True End to the game if you choose to pursue it, hehe~)


If you're looking for some Visual Novels that don't mention anything sexual at all, I'd like to recommend some ofNami's games-- such as,Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, Her Tears Were My Light, and theLonely Wolf Treat series for good measure! Hope you'll enjoy~!

 Hnnnn im really quick but I made fanart so here ya go: the drawing

Ohhh your Issa is so cute!! Thank you for sharing!

aah glad you like it ^^!!

great and beautiful game, Interesting story so far...any ways I love it and i'm going to try and finish the game(really looking forward to the cool endings and other things). Also here's a video I made. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh! This is so awesome-- thank you! We are both delighted to see you'll be playing the game!

>:3 There's lots of fun and spooky endings-- hope you enjoy~

Heck I loved it!!! Im not too good at writing large paragraphs so ill just say, it was amazing and I cant wait for your next project, and the one after that, and after that.......

Thanks so much! You don't need to write a big long paragraph to make us smile :)

I love this game so much!The soundtrack is amazing and fits perfectly with each scene.Mell and Issa are both very interesting characters and I love that they have their strengths and flaws,but together they make a great couple and a great team.I adore the dark,mysterious atmosphere and the horror elements of the game as well as the funny moments that were in it.The story is something I have never seen before and I like that.The art is very good and matches perfectly with the feeling of the game.Also,the dialogue is very well-written.Great work!


Wow, thank you so much! Such a kind review ;o; We're so glad you enjoyed it!!

waaah, this game is so wonderful!! the atmosphere is somber and mysterious, I got sucked into the world immediately!! the characters too are so interesting and fun to get to know, you two did a great job on everything!! I love issa so much... I want to drink with her forever (I also really wanted issa to stab me... but I think that's more my problem LOL)

Hehe! We are so so glad to hear it!

Maybe if enough people beg for it, we can release a super scary Issa stabbing simulator...heh.

I want a Scary Issa Stabbing Simulator!!! This is a very nice idea!! Please make one!

To Disaster Log C : I really loved the game. The characters and the art were so great and the dialogue was very well-written. Good work you two ;D

Thanks a ton, we're so glad you liked the game!

As for the Issa Stabbing Simulator-- I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens~ <3

This is amazing and i really love the soundtrack too!

Thanks! We're glad to hear it!

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