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"Disaster Log C-001: As of right now, September 2nd, 1:36 PM, it has been raining ceaselessly for 7 days.  Our island has never seen anything like this--at least there's no record of this much consecutive rain in the past century."

♦About the Game♦
  • 13k word count, 1~2 hours for full playthrough, 5 endings.
  • This game is recommended for ages 13+. The characters drink and swear and also there are some horror elements. There are some quick screen shakes during certain scenes as well.
  • DCS drew all the art for the game, Nami wrote and coded it!
♦About the Music♦

Original Soundtrack created by Tea Marie!
Ending Credits song by Girl Music Music!


한국어 - KyleHeren
Español - José Jil Tudela
Français - Yuri Akuto
Português - Taís Oliveira
Polski - Dominika Klag

♦Thanks for playing!♦


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disasterlogC-1.5.0-pc.zip 128 MB
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com.sofdelux.disasterlogc-release.apk 108 MB
Disaster Log C - Ending Guide.pdf 1 MB
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Disaster Log C - Art Collection.pdf 34 MB
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does anyone know how to get the album cover art ? ive only ever seen it in a speed draw by darkchibishadow . is it included in the art collection ? 


So... the game is about two girls fleeing a world destroyed by a clique of selfish technocrats a**holes.

Is it a political satire?

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A short but fun gameplay, I loved it and the feeling of throwing yourself into a destroyed world and coming out of it with relationships and thoughts of a promising future transpiring in the interaction of the characters is incredible.

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I'm a mess... It's maybe a little evil, I guess, of me to write all of this down, but, genuinely, this game is so beautiful. Playing through it, at first, I thought it'd... really make me feel unsatisfied. I always think that going for the bad ending first is the way you should play games with multiple endings, so I went for that first! And they all made me feel, extremely empty, longing, and unhappy. I was almost expecting the game to not live up to any expectations I set for it, but, obviously the bad endings aren't what we're supposed to settle for, right?

This story is just... It's probably corny for me to say it, but it's really perfect, from my own point of view. Everything about it. It feels really ridiculous for me to say it, but Nami's writing is always so perfectly in tune with what I want to read and feel, I guess. The art, of course, is fucking excellent, too. The music, as well, is just so effective in fitting into the story. All of the character designs, all of the set dressing, all of the production value, and all of the writing... It all adds up to a really stellar experience. I really fucking love it!!!!

Of course, I'm just one person, and so my own point of view may not be worth all that much, but, as far as the two experiences made from this collaboration go, it's just.... I'm really happy these two experiences were made, y'know? Maybe I'm being too sentimental, but the writing, between the two of the stories released, are just so fricking special to me, as somebody who feels like a bit of a nightmare of a person a lot of the time. Between Issa and Mell... the message delivered from this story just really touches upon a lot of things I, personally, really spend too much time thinking about on a day-to-day basis. Between asexuality, trusting people you don't know, allowing relationships to form, and just... allowing yourself to feel happy, despite sometimes being an awful person at times, it's.... so resonant with this specific person, with this specific bundle of experiences. It's really fricking perfect, y'know? I hope that's worth as much as it can be.

I don't know how much a review like this is really worth, though, but.... Thank you!!! For making this!!! I don't know if, in the future, I'll really be able to let my interpretation of the message of this game and Mermaid Splash sink into me, but... after finishing this game, I feel really happy and somewhat validated, y'know? There's absolutely no doubt about that, in this moment. I sincerely hope that this messy comment bestows an amount of my feelings unto its artists, despite its severe messiness.
Thank you!

69 days ago sorry i just had to say it


Bro wrote the funny number 💀

the game is really good stuck in it going through all the endings , the characters are incredibly catchy with their appearance


I finished all the endings in one sitting.  I love that Mell is ace!  Although I feel bad for her because Issa treats her so badly.

I love this game with all of my heart! the bad ending made me cry so much while on the other hand the true ending made me cry with happiness instead of sadness like the bad ending. I've gotten all of the endings and overall true ending will and forever be my favourite! I really thought this game would be more of a kind of a hateful kind of game where with all the endings would be sad, but I was definitely wrong and I'm so happy that I am wrong. this couldn't have been any better I absolutely love it!

Love the art style !


This was one of the best games that I have ever played. The story was very interesting, also this game gave me an idea for a game.

The game idea that this game gave me somehow was an idea for a horror game, but unfortunately I can't really make the game that I have the idea for. After all, I might get a good idea, but when it comes down to me making the storyline for the game, it sucks, but I can easily make a basic summary of what the game would be like.

The basic summary of the game I have an idea for:

Start Prologue: The game starts off in a room, where the protagonist is crying, you can barely see her, but you can see that she is covered in blood. In the background you can hear police sirens and the red and blue flashing lights can be seen getting closer to the house through the windows. Then a few seconds after the police sirens cut off you can hear knocking at the front door and a man yells, "This is the police, we need to talk to whomever is inside!"

Then you see a light peering in through a window and you hear a different male's voice say, "Hay, Sergeant!! There looks to be blood inside and someone on the ground! What should we do!?"

Then you barely hear a female voice say, "Make entry into the building, with caution, as we don't know what could lurk out."

Then you hear someone kick the door open, then a rush of light floods in through the door and several police officers cautiously rush in. Then in the matter of moments the protagonist is arrested on the account of manslaughter. End Prologue

Start Chapter 1: A month goes by and then her trial begins, by the end of the trial the judge and jury finds the protagonist not guilty on the accounts of self-defense. So then she was released from police custody. End Chapter 1

Start Chapter 2: It is the protagonist's first day of high school (she is in the 9th grade), but it has been about 2 months since school had started. However, due to the arrest thing she missed the first day of school. As school went on, the protagonist's classmates avoided her, but one day something happened that caused a girl named Melony to start to hang around with the protagonist. Stuff happens and Melony gets kidnaped by someone. End Chapter 2

Start Chapter 3: The protagonist searches for Melony, she eventually finds Melony. However, Melony is injured with cut marks all over her body, but still alive. Looking into Melony's eyes the protagonist can tell that Melony wants to die. After finding her the protagonist unties Melony and the protagonist puts Melony into an embrace of relief. End Chapter 3

Start Chapter 4: With Melony, the protagonist leaves the building and takes Melony back to her place. At the protagonist's house, she lays down Melony on the bed and then she goes and gets a first aid kit. Then she goes and patches up all the wounds on Melony. Then a few more things happen. End chapter 4

The basic summary of the game I have an idea for, End

I wanted at least 12 chapters, but I couldn't think of anything to put in the other 8 chapters. However, the prologue should take at least 20-30 minutes to get through. Plus, each chapter should take at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to get through. So, the gameplay of the prologue and the 4 chapters should take at least 2 hours 20 minutes to 8 hours 30 minutes to play through.

I don't know why I told you about this idea of mine.

Hey! I'm here from a recommendation, but am having trouble opening the game. I am using Windows, and am not sure what to click to open the game after I downloaded the file. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

Hi! Sorry for the late response. You'll need to unzip the file, and once you do, there will be a folder with a .exe file inside that you click. It should have the image of a face.
When in doubt, go ahead and search "How to play Ren'py game" into your search engine of choice. Good luck!

Soooooooo gooooooooood. I spent the most perfect winter afternoon with this game and a cup of soup. Both did just as much to warm my soul!


this was a pretty good game


ive played through so many visual novels and this was by far one of the best ones ive played!! the writing was SO good and the art was really adorable.. i loved both the characters from the start and im so glad i decided to play it!

Thank you!

Ive done all the endings except bad ending 2 i have done everything i could think of to get it can someone help me lmao

You can purchase the ending guide for $1!


this is so incredible and i love it so much


I loved your game a lot!  I love the true ending because gay dweebs.  I wrote a fanfiction based off of the true ending, if you want to read it.  If you do, just let me know and I'll put the link.

id love to read it if its not a hassle

Fanwork is always fine to share here!

(1 edit) (+2)

This is such a cute game!! Love the canon LGBTQ+. Mell and Issa are so fuckin gay and I love it.

I got the True, Good, and Normal ending, in that order.


True ending first go im gonna cry


thank you for the sharktoothed gay dweeb i love her


Ah this is adorable!!


Felt weird playing a game with a depressing theme that can relate to what's going on in the world right now. But other than that I really loved the game!! I loved the writing and characters, not too flat or too complex. The art style and colors gave the world a fitting atmosphere. And the true ending made me happy and gave me hope! I am excited for future games coming from you and nami!!

Deleted 2 years ago

We're glad to hear that! Right now, the soundtrack is not available anywhere to download. Sorry!

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I actually played this game some time ago but now I have a itch.io account so now I can give my opinion! 

I love this game and I wish for a part 2 !!! The characters have so much potential too♡♡♡ I did really enjoy this visual nover (is my favorite game of the gender!!)

Love! Aki♤


Thanks so much, we're glad you like the game! I don't think there will be a part 2, but Issa and Mell do have cameos in Nami's Lonely Wolf Treat series of games, check 'em out!

Ok! I will check it out !  Thank you 

traduciré tu juego al español , te avisaremos de alguna forma cuando acabe. Saludos : 3

We actually just finished an official Spanish translation! Hope you enjoy!

Bueno si alguna vez necesitáis traducir un juego estoy aquí.

Amazing game!

I really enjoyed this game <3 i loved the different endings and the wholesome true ending <3 The small animations and all the logs, so unique <3 I look forward to more VNs! 

Thanks so much! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for this game! The first time I started playing it, it started raining for 3-4 hours outside and I was afraid I had cursed myself or something. XD

I was wondering, hypothetically, would you ever be willing to make merchandise for your game(s)? Being completely honest, I'd pay lots of money for an Idea hoodie. XD

Thanks so much! We're super glad you liked the game-- and I hope it stopped raining for ya! ;)

We do have merch of our games, but more so our solo games-- and making a hoodie like Issa's is actually a lot more work than you'd think it would be! We would need a huge budget that a free game like this just doesn't provide, but we're honored you like the design enough to consider purchasing it.

Nami doesn't have an online shop currently outside of her Redbubble, but I (DCS)have a shop right here. Have an awesome day!

Oh, okay! That's so awesome! Also, I'm sorry, I had no idea that'd it cost a lot. "^^

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me! (And I'll totally check our your shops ^^)

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks so much! Sorry this reply is so late-- we'd love to see that fanart but the link seems to be missing, oh no!

i have one thing to say
issa is hot as fuck, the bio aint lying

glad to hear you think so~

Thank you so much for this game. I cried

glad to hear the game moved you! <3 thanks for playing!


Great game!

Thanks, and thanks for the video!

Great game! I played through it in two settings and was surprised about how nuanced the decisions you make here effect the dynamic between Mell and Issa. I got a bad ending at first and decided to maybe not be too harsh to Issa after the first day. The True Ending I saved for last, and oh boy: what a treat! The music, the art, the mood, I love it! Thanks for making this game, it was a lot of fun!


Thanks so much! Nuanced writing is Nami's specialty and it was a pleasure for me to try and draw art that fit the unique mood for this game-- so we're both glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3

AAA i finished up this game and its so cute!!! I love Mell and Issa so much! Huge inspo's, i love your work!!

THANK YOU! We're both glad to hear you liked it!


Amazing game, great style, short but cute story and got True Ending on the first try, being honest pays off! And thanks for the option of being just a friends without forcing romance!


Thanks a ton for playing our game and we're both super glad you enjoyed it-- and it's awesome to hear you got the True Ending!

Unfortunately though; I think you may have misinterpreted said ending-- as our two main characters DO end up in a romantic relationship, especially during the True Ending.

We hope this won't affect your feelings on the game; but I felt it was necessary to clarify this-- as not all romance needs to have grand gestures to be classified as romance. 


Ah another good game! I really loved these two and the true ending~

Keep up the good work!

Thanks a ton! The True Ending was very satisfying to work on-- thanks for sharing your LP!



nice game

thank you!

i love this game so  much i played through all the endings and i loved it so much 


AWESOME! Which one was your favorite?


Thats a good question they were all good in there own way but the true ending was me and my little brothers favorite!!


This game was so awesome! I wish I'd found it sooner, haha. I've been playing it for like the last two hours and I finally got all of the endings and logs!

I really love the girls and their designs, and, maybe this is a little silly, but Mell saying she was asexual made me really happy. I'm ace myself, and usually representation is few and far between. I don't remember ever seeing any ace characters in games I've played before, so that made me really happy! (I'm also a massive science nerd and kind of really gay also so Mell is very relatable.)

Beareid is the best character, hands down.

I plan on drawing some fanart of the characters soon, so I'll probably link to that later.

Hey, thanks a ton for playing our game-- we're happy to hear you liked it!

Both Nami and I are on the ace spectrum so it only felt natural to include Mell speaking about it-- so we're glad to hear you resonated with that. In terms of other games with ace characters in them-- Nami makes a TON of games with ace characters in them, so I really recommend checking them out if you liked this game!

We'd love to see any fanart you make~ Feel free to show if off here in the comments or link it to us! THANKS AGAIN! <3<3<3

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