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I am from Spain and I loved the game , but It would be wonderful if the language could be in spanish.

Nice and uplifting

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Is this from NomnomNami?

Can you please make a sequel of this Story/Game?



I like the fact you need to unlock "hikikomori" ending first before unloking "touch some grass sage" ending.

It's seems there is a bug related to "delora friend" endings. One seems to count as double and so, you get this:

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I super love this gaaame...!!! The first and most obvious route I went for was really something I felt like I needed, since it's just sorta resonant with mine own amateur struggles. I've been trying to get into drawing, and so....!! The writing there was really, really encouraging, with my new-found struggles of looking at what I've made and sometimes not being able to think anything but, "Why am I even trying this". I super appreciated it. Not to mention Angie is freaking cute as hell. 

Then, playing through the rest of the game, all of this is just so... pleasant and encouraging, too!! All of the characters are absolutely lovable, and I'm super glad for the heavier moments each of them go through and the character development that follows. I think that Angie and Bea are my faves, Angie being the beautiful dork they are and Bea being a really resonant character for perhaps obvious reasons but also for the more personality-driven reasons (insecure characters sure are powerful sometimes; another bit of encouragement with my struggles). Of course, that's not to say I didn't love Delora and Maka!!! Delora is so freaking sweet and thoughtful it's fantastic and her whole story was really quite heartwarming and encouraging, and Maka's whole personality quirk and general sweetness are also fantastic in a relatable way that makes me go "YES.... SHE'S SO COOL.......". I love 'em all. THEY'RE ALL SUCH LOVABLE FRICKING CHARACTERS......

I always feel a little sad with multiple ending games where you can only ever choose one or the other, and that definitely remains true here, but. I mean. It's sorta like, I'm sad 'cause I love all the outcomes. I want 'em all to be canon...!! But, y'know. Regardless, they're all great. Picking favorites, the second-to-last one listed is my favorite. Just 'cause, it had the most of what I wanted!!! The most "everybody's supporting each other"!! Of course, the other character-specific endings are fantastic, too, but that one really just has the most "I'm happy for everybody here" to it, and the most closure, for me, personally. The ideal of a character thinking "I wish more days were like today" is super freaking powerful.... The 23rd ending is also really nice as an ending, though!! It was a nice thing to look forward to at the end, and its general execution is pretty impactful, for me.

So in conclusion for the impact of each of the main routes, Angie made me cry in a good way and eased some amount of the struggle I'm having with art, Delora's character arc is wonderfully encouraging and splendid, Maka is a fricking lovable gal at every step, and Bea is fricking cool and cute as heck and I'm always happy when I see characters like her depicted in a thoughtful manner like this. BUT ALSO.... Of course..... Cici herself is really great, too. The whole story in all of the different routes really gives you an appreciation that, doing your best to express yourself is always worthwhile, no matter if your best is fantastic or if it's just, your best!! Every ending having its own positive spin on the situation is also really fricking great. Bad ends are for dweebs!!! Sometimes. Not all the time. But in this situation, it's really great that each one is uplifting in its own way. 

And who could forget...... Coconut........... The legend............. Not necessarily the MVP, or the character with the strongest motives and goals, but certainly the binding of this book called Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival. Were it not for Coconut, things would be missing Coconut, and that'd be a travesty. If only Coconut could've shown me how to get the last Painting Event that I was missing, but I got everything else, so that's perfectly satisfying!! And as a random note, the dialects of all the characters was super fun, between Cici speaking in such a lively and adorable way and Maka talking in such a gentle but excited way, and everything between or beside, it's all fantastic. And as an extra random note, aaaa. All the expressions are so good.... Maybe it's evil of me, but the sad expressions everybody makes are my favorite, in terms of them just being really effective at making myself feel their emotion. Although I'll say the end of Angie's route has the best portrait, to me. I just think it's really fricking beautiful.... I don't really know how to put it, precisely!! It just is!!! Maybe it's the vulnerability and the fact that it's seriously just, a really fantastic moment.

REALLY THE AMOUNT OF CARE AND EFFORT PUT INTO THIS REALLY SHINES THROUGH!!! The art quality and variation is super charming, the OST is really fitting and perfect, and the message is undeniably resonant and positive. Thank ny'all for making it. I'm 5 years too late to be a fresh review on a newly released story, but!!! The magic of games like this is being able to go through them when you find 'em yourself. So. Ya. Thank you!! It was a great experience!!


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How the heck do you get the Coconut ending?

Nvm I got it. For anyone wondering here's how (at least how I got it):

Just do one week of any Passion (Art, Dancing, Gardening, or Fighting/The Dojo), and spend time with Angie, Delora, Maka, or Bea. The next three weeks, stay at home. And spend time with yourself. And Coconut. This should trigger the ending. 

how though i got the cici ending instead of the coconut ending 😭

Let me try again, and see what I can get. I'm sorry for the false info PINK! Keep trying! 

I uninstalled the game because i couldn't get the endings i needed 😓 but thanks for the encouragement

do one week activity, then stay at home every 4 week-end.


One week of any passion, but don't spend time with anyone 



I adore this game!! Currently at 19 endings out of 23 and stumped on how to get the last four. I'm excited to figure them out though.

For a free game, you're spoiled with a lot of freedom! I think choosing not to have dialogue options was a smart choice, because it's more fun to explore each of Cici's interests and see how you can balance them.

One of those games that leaves you wanting more. It's so fun seeing all the different background mermaid designs and learning more about their culture. I wish the game had a bit more time to let you explore different parts of their town! I'd love to see this setting revisited someday. 

Especially neat is how gardening works, with the anemone's being judged based on the shape and the types of fish living inside them. I wish the gardening route had more cool anemone facts! It's inspired me to look them up myself though!

I disagree with other reviews I've seen about Angie's route. She reeks of tortured artist, so I can understand why that's off-putting to some people. There's nothing like a deadline to make you go, "dang, what am I doing with my life??" It's understandable that she's going through a rough patch the month before a major art competition. Her dialogue comes off as casual rather than infantile to me.

Maybe I'm biased because her sprites are so damn pretty >.<

The dreamer ending was much appreciated since I'm in a similar spot. You gotta figure out your dreams before you can chase them! It's bittersweet that she hasn't found a steady passion yet, but with her peppy disposition, you know she's going to bounce back 10x stronger for the next year.

Delora is best girl. Thx xoxo


Wow! Thank you for the super detailed comment, this was so nice to read. And finally, someone appreciates Delora for how great she is! 😏💖
(Btw, there *is* an ending guide in case you wanna tip the game $2!)

Delora is fantastic <3 <3

I hope I can send you some support someday soon! Unfortunately, I've gotta conserve my cash right now.  I found the other endings through trial and error!

 The last ending really hit me! :0 No spoilers of course! It was such a sudden contrast from the rest of the game, and at first I was scared it was going to be clique. I think you did a nice job with it though! It definitely was existential, but I was happy that it didn't completely abandon the themes of the game. The hopeful twist was much appreciated and there are a lot of ways to interpret why it happens. Wishing the best for Cici *tearful emote*

I look forward to exploring more of your stuff and hopefully I can send you tips when things get better ;^; I know how much work goes into these things because I've been trying to figure out renpy myself hahaha


Well, hey, thanks! We (Sofdelux as a team) unfortunately don't have anything planned to make together in the future, but I think if you like these games, you'll like Nami's solo games a lot. (It's a toss up if you'll like my solo work or not, since it's more adult oriented, but I did a lot of the writing and planning for this game.)

No pressure to give us any tips, we understand it's tough out there right now. But, if you wanna share this game around or tell people about our work... that helps a TON.

I've actually just started reading your webcomic recently! I'm planning to try out your games ^.^ Yes, nomnomnami's stuff is so lovely! I didn't realize they were part of this project at first, but it makes sense with the artsyle.

I do plan to share this game with my friends! And would you mind if I possibly made fanart?


I would *love* if you made fanart! Fanart is SO FUN and also helps a ton so like, please go wild!!!

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I finally got all the endings (on Android the color scheme is easier to read than on desktop for some reason).  I utterly love all the characters.  I also enjoyed the art collection PDF.  


When I first saw Cici's color scheme I thought it might be a hint that she is trans.  I was a little disappointed that that information wasn't revealed in any of the endings or in the art collection.  Maybe it doesn't actually make sense to feel dissapointed, because the game doesn't actually say Cici's trans so I shouldn't have expected her to be.  My response is probably irrational.

Even so I really enjoyed Bea's reveal.  


Aw, sorry to disappoint! You're still more than welcome to think Cici as trans if you want, that's not a problem at all! Thanks a ton for supporting the game!

I got 24 out of 23 endings, don't know how it's possible either.. but I had fun collecting all of the endings, outfits, and the events :D

I just started the game but I am seriously having trouble seeing in it, because the background is so light, and the text is also light.  I would really prefer an option to make the background darker.  Does such an option already exist in-game and I just can't find it?

It doesn't exist at the moment, sorry! I'm not sure if one will be added either!

aw thats a shame.. i was having the same problem

The mobile version actually has darker text, it turns out, so feel free to check that out!

oh thank you! i dont use my phone for gaming much so i didnt think to check that

No problem! Yeah, this game is a visual novel so it'll play exactly the same on the phone as it does on PC, thankfully!


Because I did the Angie romance first, I thought all the characters were children, haha. Possibly because the story, narration, and dialogue were infantile; the characters are young adults yet they were written like children, for some reason. But that only applies to the Angie romance. The rest of the game is quite fun and doesn't read like that. Not that there's anything wrong with a childish game for baby gays, by the way.

The art is adorable. And the message of “it’s hard at first, but you should cherish small victories and never give up on your dreams, and age is just a number if what you intend is to follow a passion” is an ageless one.  

(spoilers below)

However, it's kind of odd how the game tries to pass the Hikikomori ending as valid in its own way, even though it's very sad if one has already seen the other endings where Cici leads a more fulfilling life than being, uh... fandom famous on the internet.  

I loved the Multi-Talented Ending and Squad Ending. It was nice seeing a friendship ending that warms the heart just as much as a romantic one.  

Love Interest Ranking (because why not):  

Bea. BEA? MORE LIKE BAE. It’s the romance that felt the most natural, too. I love how she has “manly” interests. As a non-binary person, I understand how people assume just because you enjoy some things that could be interpreted as typical of the gender you were coercively assigned at birth then your gender identity is a lie. I like she doesn’t have to be this perfect picture of femininity so that her gender/womanhood is validated. I related so much to this character, especially when it comes to her drive of being the best because if not then you must go back home as a loser to your abusive family. She steals the show, to be honest. I love her.


Delora. Sugar Momma!

Angie is last because I guess I’m not a fan of the insecure love interest? Doing all the emotional labour in a relationship, propping up someone who would be better speaking to a therapist isn’t really what I’d call #relationshipgoals.

Honestly I thought they were too since I completed the Angie ending first and she mentioned high school. Although I love Angie I feel like she needed to work on herself before she got into a relationship but overall I loved her as a character.

Hiya, hope you are well. I was thinking about doing a Let's Play of this game on Youtube. Would that be OK with you? x 


Yes, please go right ahead! We love to see let's plays :)

I don't have the space for this game right now, but when I do I'll make sure to download this!


as someone commented before, there's no spanish version

im a latin american spanish speaker, and i really loved the game, i'd volunteer to help translate !! :D

Sure! Where can we contact you?
We don't have anyone else available to help translate the game, so this may be a big task! Think carefully before taking it on! :)

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it would take me a while :0 but you have to always try !

i'd be best using discord, but gmail could work too ? if you have some other options maybe we can work it out.

Gmail is preferred, and it's fine if it takes a while, that's not a problem for us as this project has long since finished.

You can contact me at to work out the details. Thanks!

Awesome game!!! I really loved Bea!

Oh and a question: will there be a sequel to this? I'd like to know what happens after the passion sage ending!

(How is your day?)

We considered making a sequel at one point, but at this point I think we're both pretty unsure if it'll happen or not because we're both very consumed in our own projects!

where is the spanish version? :(


There is no Spanish version, sorry!

This game is quite big so it's expensive to translate, especially when it's not that popular. Maybe one day, but for now we just don't have it, sorry!

this game is beautiful! the art is so soothing, and I just love the characters!

Thanks! We're glad you like it!

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This game was so cute and fun! I love the diversity between the characters. I've got to say, I think Angie was my favorite. She's a insecure, sensitive cutie who also love drawing, and I can relate to all of that. I love the design of game too. It made it interesting and kept my attention the whole time. Overal, THIS GAME IS AMAZING.


Thanks for playing and thanks for your nice comment! :D We're glad you liked the game!

I really loved the game. My favourite characters are Bea and Angie including Cici of course hehe. Well done! <3


Thank you!


Everyone's talking about Maka, sure.
But can we talk about Angie?


At first, I thought that these were 14 year olds than 24 year olds, looking at the cover. I decided to play and got 21 endings. I spent a while trying to get the last 2. But this game is good. I really approve.

Thanks! We're glad you like it!

You're welcome


This game is amazing!! But I do need help. I have 22 out of 23 endings and i need tips to get the last one

I have: artist/ultimate artist, gardener/ultimate gardener, fighter/ultimate fighter, dancer/ultimate dancer, angie/Angie friend, bea/bea friend, dolores/dolores friend, maka/maka friend, squad, cici, coconut, hikikomori, dreamer, and multi-talented

I appreciate any help in advance 🖤

Thanks for playing! The last, more secretive ending, simply requires you get all 22 endings and then visit the festival one last time. The game should then play the final ending for you there. Good luck!

(Otherwise I would suggest buying the endings guide for this game, it's only $2)

thank you!! 

This game was charming, bittersweet, lovable, and heartwarming <3 I loved all the endings and all the different choices. The events were clever and I could see how much work was put into this game (I can't imagine working on it alone omg). Thank you guys for this <3

Thank you so much! Yes, this game would have been a lot harder to work on if there wasn't two of us -- what I think we're both amazed by is that we busted this game out in just 3 months! Wild!

That really is wild! :o Im proud of you all <3  I look forward to more <33

This was adorable! I loved watching all of the characters' arcs unfold, especially with your awesome soundtrack in the background. I've played for a few hours, and I've somehow ended up with 24/23 endings you sneaky little sea bunnies.

The best character is obviously Coconut, but if I had to pick a favorite merperson, it'd be Bea. She's just so energetic and cute, and I liked how you integrated cuttlefish biology in this world as a sort of cultural thing about gender.

Glad you like the game! Good luck with that last ending~ I've a feeling I know which one it is ;) 

And glad to hear about your favs as well! We both can't decide who we like best, even after all this time. All of the girls are SO GREAT!

This is such a cute game! :D Thanks so much for making this, omgg <3

thank YOU for playing it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks, and thanks for the video!

this was soooo cute and so much fun!!

where do i find myself a real-life Maka??

THANKS!!! We're glad you like it and we are always surprised by Maka's popularity! We really thought she was gonna be the underdog but then BOOM!!! So much Maka love!

I have now Delora's Route: 

And Maka's Route: 


AWESOME! Thanks for doing these!


Maka is my favorite. Freakin' adorable, oh my god.

Thank you! We're very pleased with how much love Maka has gotten-- we honestly expected her to be the underdog!

I really loved playing this game! So precious! ;-; I even made separate route videos, today is for Bea:

And Angie:

To be honest, I don't have a favorite, after I played all of them I really just love each of them! They were also very relatable to me anyway.


I was feeling really bad when I wanted to try one of the many itchio games i downloaded to change my mind

I started Mermaid Splash because the esthetic was really apeling, and I did the Angie route. This is soooooooooo adorable, so well written, the visual style is so cool, now i feel amazing, and i'm motivated. 

Idc if i sound dumb but yeah, it made me go back to this page and i bough the game (first time i do that)

Support the games you love !

Thanks for your work!!


Thanks so much! We're really glad you liked the game and thanks for your support! Angie is one of our favorites as well! <333

I loved this game very much. I probably spent more than 2-3 hours playing it, to be honest. 

My favorite girl would have to be Angie (prob because she's the one I went with first XD) but also because I was curious about what that thing on her mouth was.  I liked Maka's raw passion for gardening, it was too cute. 

But all of them have their appeal! Especially their visual design. None of them looked the same, which I liked a lot! 

Their colors were so pretty, and they were just so much fun to look at! I loved the many CGs during the events! Everything was well-drawn, and well-colored! The writing was of excellent quality too, and very fun to read! All in all, an excellent game!


Thanks a ton! We're both really glad to hear you liked the game! Angie's route seems to be pretty popular down here in the comments; it's fun to see who everyone likes! <3

I can´t install it

It's not something you install! With a .rar file, you "unzip" the file and then click on the game icon and viola!

If you're having trouble unzipping the .rar or anything like that; I suggest googling your problem as unfortunately I don't have enough details or knowledge to help you.

Or, if all else fails, look up someone's LP on Youtube! There's plenty around. :D

Good luck!

oh wow I just got the game, and I’ve spent two hours on it already! And three outfits! I wish I had the cash to help out the creators! Anyway I wish there was more of this! Anyway I’m super tempted to write some fanfics, but I’d like to ask if I can do that before I do!

Hi there! First of all, thanks a ton for checking out our game-- we're both glad to hear you're enjoying it so far!

Fanfic is definitely okay and encouraged!

All we ask is that you maybe link to the game and send us a link so we can read it! :D We love getting fan stuff-- and it really helps to spread the game more; so while I know you wish you could donate, a fanfic helps support us too!

So thank you! <3

sounds cute but idk if i should get it


The game is completely and absolutely free! The only thing that's "paid for" are optional art books-- but otherwise the full game, with everything in it-- is free, so check it out!


Nice to see different-looking characters in VN



Didn't think this warranted a whole update-- so instead I'm posting it here!

I just put together a speed-draw of an older Cici drawing I finished! Enjoy!

Deleted post

Thanks a ton for making a video! We're glad you liked the game! <3

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