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Maka is my favorite. Freakin' adorable, oh my god.

Thank you! We're very pleased with how much love Maka has gotten-- we honestly expected her to be the underdog!

I really loved playing this game! So precious! ;-; I even made separate route videos, today is for Bea:

And Angie:

To be honest, I don't have a favorite, after I played all of them I really just love each of them! They were also very relatable to me anyway.


I was feeling really bad when I wanted to try one of the many itchio games i downloaded to change my mind

I started Mermaid Splash because the esthetic was really apeling, and I did the Angie route. This is soooooooooo adorable, so well written, the visual style is so cool, now i feel amazing, and i'm motivated. 

Idc if i sound dumb but yeah, it made me go back to this page and i bough the game (first time i do that)

Support the games you love !

Thanks for your work!!


Thanks so much! We're really glad you liked the game and thanks for your support! Angie is one of our favorites as well! <333

I loved this game very much. I probably spent more than 2-3 hours playing it, to be honest. 

My favorite girl would have to be Angie (prob because she's the one I went with first XD) but also because I was curious about what that thing on her mouth was.  I liked Maka's raw passion for gardening, it was too cute. 

But all of them have their appeal! Especially their visual design. None of them looked the same, which I liked a lot! 

Their colors were so pretty, and they were just so much fun to look at! I loved the many CGs during the events! Everything was well-drawn, and well-colored! The writing was of excellent quality too, and very fun to read! All in all, an excellent game!


Thanks a ton! We're both really glad to hear you liked the game! Angie's route seems to be pretty popular down here in the comments; it's fun to see who everyone likes! <3

I can´t install it

It's not something you install! With a .rar file, you "unzip" the file and then click on the game icon and viola!

If you're having trouble unzipping the .rar or anything like that; I suggest googling your problem as unfortunately I don't have enough details or knowledge to help you.

Or, if all else fails, look up someone's LP on Youtube! There's plenty around. :D

Good luck!

oh wow I just got the game, and I’ve spent two hours on it already! And three outfits! I wish I had the cash to help out the creators! Anyway I wish there was more of this! Anyway I’m super tempted to write some fanfics, but I’d like to ask if I can do that before I do!

Hi there! First of all, thanks a ton for checking out our game-- we're both glad to hear you're enjoying it so far!

Fanfic is definitely okay and encouraged!

All we ask is that you maybe link to the game and send us a link so we can read it! :D We love getting fan stuff-- and it really helps to spread the game more; so while I know you wish you could donate, a fanfic helps support us too!

So thank you! <3

sounds cute but idk if i should get it


The game is completely and absolutely free! The only thing that's "paid for" are optional art books-- but otherwise the full game, with everything in it-- is free, so check it out!


Nice to see different-looking characters in VN



Didn't think this warranted a whole update-- so instead I'm posting it here!

I just put together a speed-draw of an older Cici drawing I finished! Enjoy!

Deleted post

Thanks a ton for making a video! We're glad you liked the game! <3

Wow. This game is great. I just finished it... multiple times. And got all the 23 endings (seriously) without the Guide (seriously). OMG! I'm so happy now. :) 

Which one girl is my favourite?Well it's so fricking hard to choose ! I kind love all of them. All of them have her own story, style, passion, personality, problem and adventages. But if i'd have to really choose one, I choose Bea. 

I don't have to add that all the of many choices are meaningful and endings are very different. Plus we have all the plausible endings for any mix of choices. And I don't have to tell that artstyle is great, cute, sweet, adorable... Music it's great too.   

Oh gosh! Another awesome comment from you?! Thank you so much!

We're also super glad to hear you liked Mermaid Splash! :D This game was a LOT of work for us so we are always super flattered when people go for all of the endings! It really makes all the work feel worth it...

Bea is a popular favorite and honestly-- probably ours too!? She's just so much fun and so FEISTY and into what she's into, ya know?!

Thanks again for your awesome comment and we hope you'll stick around for when we release more games! (We don't know which one will be our next one yet though!)

You are welcome! I'm glad you replied :) .Writing (good) comments is speciality xD . I'm waiting for next games :)

How did you manage to get all the endings?? I've been trying for a couple hours now but I can't seem to get the last two :'v It seems like, no matter what I try to do, I always get the endings I already had

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it took me a lot of time too. but I don't know which endings you arleady have.

 the last one ending unlocks when you get rest of them.

Don’t know if you could help me maybe? I’ve got all the romance and friendships, the squad, the dreamer, the hikimori(?), the one where you focus on all of the passions, and I have all of the things filled with all the characters, self, friendship and passion encounters. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now?


mermaid and her pet also have their own endings.  i'd say more but i don't remember details. 


bea is my bae <3


She is really great...AND SO CUTE!!!


One of the most adorable games I've ever played! Angie is my favorite, best girl. <3
I also can relate to her so much as I myself am a comic artist. :D


Thanks so much, we're happy to hear you liked the game! Angie is a fav of ours too! (Tho we can't really pick who we like best, we love 'em all!)


I actually played this game back when it first came out, but because I enjoyed it so much, I thought I ought to leave a review before playing the new Sofdelux game! Even after half a year, I still remember how charmed I was by the graphics, the music, the wonderful characters (Bea was my favourite, but they're all great)... But more than anything I remember how impressed I was with the game's attention to detail!

23 endings is impressive enough on its own, but I was even more excited when I realized how much detail was put in to little choices that didn't count for endings. I got to try so many different things, like getting different medals at the Passion Festival, and going to the festival at different stages in my friendship with different characters, and every time I discovered a new line of dialogue it made me even happier with the game than I'd been before. 

Also, congratulations on finishing the new game! Sofdelux is a great team and I'm excited to see what you've come up with this time. I'll be sure to leave a review when I finish that one too c:

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Oh gosh-- thank you so much! We are both so happy to get this comment, and so happy to hear that Mermaid Splash made such an impression on you! (Just between you ans me, are are planning an eventual sequel to Mermaid Splash, hehe! But that's all I can say for now!)

We are also so glad you noticed so many of the little variants! They can be hard to get but satisfying to find, imo!

Thank you again for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment and we hope you enjoy our new game too~ <3 <3

aaah i love

Thank you!




Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! The thumbnail was very confusing for a second, haha!





Hello NomNomNami i'm looking on drawing advice i want to be a graphic designer and i'm looking for help do u have any inspiring words


Hi! My advice is just to draw a lot! Draw everyday! Draw things you love and post them online--if you do that enough, you'll find a whole bunch of people who like your work there to support you! DON'T GIVE UP <3



Thank you so much!

it's a very very lovely game!! i hope there can be more installments in the future!

Thank you, and we definitely hope to make at least one more! <3

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I have a problem, every time I download this visual novel it claims it's a virus. What should I do? Please respond as soon as possible.

Sorry for the late response--this sounds like an issue with your internet browser :( All I can tell you is try to get it to allow the download.

I LOVE THIIIIISSSSSS!!! It's just...too...CUTE!!! :D The music and the speech blips really make it great and it's just a lot of fun.

Thank you!!! <3


☆ Sorry it took me awhile to upload this but OMG!! I'm loving it so far!!! The style is so cute AHH!!! I can't wait to finish it!!!! ☆

Oh gosh, thank you so so much! The title card is so cute for this-- is there anywhere you've posted it that we can reblog? We would love to save the image by itself-- it's so cute!!!!

☆ Yee !! My sis actually made the thumbnail for me (she helps me sometimes) she posted on Twitter,  you like to save it there!! :D

OOOH!!! Thank you so much!!! <3333

I've been following Nami's games for a while now, usually covering them on my YT channel. And after this game I'm probably gonna give DCS a closer look :P

I really enjoy what I've seen so far! The artwork is great, and what I've seen of the story so far was cute. I look forward to playing more, and seeing what you two come up with in the future ^^

I'm also covering this for my channel. I hope it helps!

Thanks so much! <3

Also, funny enough, you already played a game with DCS involved! A Werewolf Opportunity, Obviously was completely drawn by DCS! (Written by someone who isn't DCS tho!)

Yeah, but I had meant I haven't played one written by DCS ^^

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Oh, well, DCS wrote basically half of this game! <X) Tee hee!

If you do end up reading a solo-DCS game tho, we hope you enjoy it! <3

So fun, great job. Game gave me inspiration and smiles :D


Thank you! We're so glad to hear that!

Hello, does the art collection have additional art or something? Yuri pictures, perhaps?

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The art collection includes all of the art in the game, concept art, and some miscellaneous art work for the game! Think of it like an art book, except it's a PDF.

As for yuri, the whole game is yuri! There's smooching and hugging and loving around every corner, hehe~ (And of course, all smooching pictures are included in the PDF!)

If you're thinking of something more explicit, DCS has drawn a few naughtier pictures of the cast on their Patreon only art blog-- but for the purpose of this game, everything has been kept below a PG-13 rating. (And anything rarely even gets to that rating!)

Hope that helps clear it up!

Well, I wasn't thinking of anything more explicit, actually, than hugs and kisses, but now that you mention it....can't go wrong with some lewd yuri. The naughtier pictures are in that patreon post about MS art pdf? Is that the one? DCS seems to have nice art, but I'm only interested in yuri, no offense.

(1 edit)

The naughtier pictures are on DCS' (which is me, hi!) private patron blog, which needs a $5 pledge to access. It comes with the pics mentioned, and then hundreds of other cool pics too!

That's fine to hear about preferring yuri, but surprise! DCS (me again, hi!) actually drew all of the kissing, hugging, and lovin' in Mermaid Splash! ;) All of the CG's in the game were drawn by DCS (as well as the character designs, story, etc) and all of the busts (and writing and coding, etc) are by Nami-- so it's a yuri-fest from the both of us, combined! (Yay for Sofdelux!)

And again, all of that stuff is included in the PDF for this game-- so if you wanna see that stuff, play the game or get the PDF!

Regardless-- that's fine if you aren't interested in pursuing the images on the private blog of DCS' patreon, so instead I'm going to recommend Nami's explicit comic, Delicacy, which you can get for the same price.

Oh, I understand perfectly you did the art in Mermaid Splash ;) It's just that your art blog seemed way more varied, which I why I brought up my more focused interests. Thanks for the clarification though, I might check that out. Also, way ahead of you on that Nami comic, it was lovely.

Well, I hope you enjoy the game! <3

I spend 3 hours getting every ending and it was a 3 hours well spent! The ends are all so nice???? This is such an adorable, feel-good game I love it

Thank you so much! (And yay, all endings!)

Nami and I definitely both love games where you can just take some time to feel good and see some nice stuff, so we're glad to hear that's how it was for you too! <333

Oh my gosh!!!! This was such a cuteeee game!!! We really related to Cici and her indecisiveness!!! Looking forward to earning the other endings as well! :D You're both such talented designers, and we are serious fans!!! <3 

Love, Mo and Kay ^ - ^ 

Aw gosh, we're both so glad to hear it! We really wanted Cici to be relatable in that way,  hehe!

Thanks so so much for playing!!!


This is such a sweet, heart-felt game. It's taken all the best aspects of the dating sim genre and written them all together into a love letter. I adore the fact you can dress up Cici, and Maka's romance is my favourite so far!! The art is absolutely incredible, and I found myself constantly smiling while I played. I'm way too poor to tip the creators right now, but as soon as I have money, rest assured it will go to these wonderful folks.

Oh gosh, thank you so so much! We're both so happy to receive such a glowing comment and are so excited to hear you liked the game so much! <3 We can't wait to show you what we have in store for the future too~


I would honestly love to make some fan-art of this game! Such creative and colorful character designs! Would that be alright? I will totally credit you for the original designs! I hope this isn't the last of CiCi! <3


Oh please! We would love to see any and all fanart! A credit is always appreciated and giving us a link when you finish is also appreciated-- cuz we wanna see the art, hehe!!! <3

Thank you for your kind words and without spoiling anything, all we can really say is that this won't be the last you'll be seeing of CiCi! ;)

Aaaah this was so cute!! Took me a while to get everything done haha... I hope there will be more adventures waiting for CiCi :0! Oh and i loved how Treat was in there hehe. Overall, i loved this game! Nice storyline, neat designs and relatable characters! 10/10

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Thank you very much! Without spoiling anything, all we can really say is that this won't be the last you'll be seeing of CiCi! ;)

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I cant wait!

Such a charming game! I really enjoyed the story and dialogue, the mechanics, the music, and the character designs. Everything about this was sweet, fun, and polished from the top down. I'll probably play through more of it to get the other endings at some point even if I don't record it. Great job and good luck with future games!

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Thank you and thank you! So flattering to hear you liked it and your playthrough was a TON of fun, thanks for linking us! <3333

No problem! I look forward to checking out the rest of your work. Take care! :D

♡ ♡ Holy Gosh!!! This is the cutest game I ever seen!!!!! ♡ ♡

The Character designs are so unique so different I love it!! and Gosh the Artstyle!! AAHH!! So Adorable!!! ♡

I love to record this game if you don't mind (I'm just a starting out new gamer (I do mostly art tho)) Its cool if you don't want me to ~

Gosh ~ ! The Game is so sweet!! I hope you continue gaming such cute games together ~ ! ! ♡

Well thank you very much! Go ahead and record if you like, neither of us mind! We would love it if you could link us to any videos if you post them tho? Cuz we like seein it eheh <333 Thanks again!! <3

Just completed the whole game and my god, this has been the cutest yuri visual novel I have ever played, also being my first~ <3

I looved it all. The characters have such cute and unique designs which I really love and I can't pick which one is my fav cuz of how unique each one of them are! The cheesy-ness was waay too cute for my heart, I couldn't get enough of it! I highly enjoyed this game, thank you soo much for making this game possible! And will look forward for equally cuter games~ TwT/ <3


Aw gosh, thank you so so much! We're both very excited to hear that you liked it and we will def be releasing stuff in the future too, so look forward to it!

It was my pleasure and you're very welcome, sweeties!! <333 And I will totally look forward for them!!! *w*// <333

Wooooooow, such cute character designs! <3

Thank you!

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I just finished all the endings and found myself trying to find all of the details just for fun. The art/story/game in general is really cute and heartwarming. There wasn't a single moment I didn't like, as everything flows nicely and smoothly, with a certain amount of tension at the right times. It amazed me until the end,  cheering me up during a hard time. Keep up the wonderful work!!

Oh wow, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! That means a lot for us to hear and I think you'll enjoy our future projects too, hehe! <3

i haven't had a chance to play through everyone's route since i just downloaded it recently but this game is very cute!!! all the art is adorable and i love the little events and such. the narration is really cute and positive and this game is so diverse and has awesome representation! kudos to you for making such a great game. 


Thanks so much!! We're really glad you enjoy it and we hope you'll enjoy all the routes too!!! <3333

<333 :)


I had the honor of getting to beta test this super cute, super sweet game right before it went live, and it was a fantastic experience! The characters all have wonderfully engaging, heartfelt personalities, which makes it easy to get invested in their story arcs — and given that those story arcs are all equally heartfelt in a way that makes you really feel for them every step of the way, Mermaid Splash is a great story to get invested in. Definitely pick this up if it at all seems appealing to you, it's a heartwarmingly charming way to spend your time.

(Plus, the art is amazing, especially the world designs and the interface. And the character sprites. And all of it, really. But you don’t need me to tell you that when you can see it right there!)

Good job, DCS and Nami! I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you two can do if (when?) you put your heads together as Sofdelux Studio in the future.


Thank you so so much for this comment and again for helping beta-- we both really appreciate it! This comment is such a shining star-- it makes me so happy!

Nami and I are most definitely going to be making games together in the future as well and I've a feeling you'll be enjoying our next game too. ;)


These graphics are just too freaking adorable!!

Thank you!

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